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November 5, 2001: Club Dues Change for 2002
As voted by the members present at the November meeting, the club dues will be increased for 2002. Senior member dues will rise $10 from $15 to $25, Standard member dues will also rise $10 from $25 to $35, and Junior member dues will not change.
September 8, 2001: Field Access Change
We can no longer access the field via the upper gate at the field. Field access is now via the lower gate found on route 135. Reasons for the change will be discussed at monday's meeting.
August 26, 2001: Gremlin Contests, Hunting Season, and September Club Meeting
There are two new gremlin contests scheduled. The first is September 30th at the CMRCM field. The second is October 14th at the Rocky Hill Field in Oxford, MA. Also, don't forget the first club meeting for the fall season will be on September 10th at 7:30pm at the normal location.

October 13th marks the first day of pheasant hunting season. As usual the field will be closed starting on this date except for sundays through November 24th.
August 12, 2001: CMRCM Annual Club Picnic Rained Out!
The weather didn't cooperate for this years annual picnic. We have rescheduled it for the following Sunday, August 19. Hope to see you there!
July 30, 2001: CMRCM Annual Club Picnic
REMINDER! This years Annual Club Picnic is being held Sunday, August 12 at the club field. Rain date Sunday, August 19. Jim and Toni Dibb are doing the BBQ honors this year. The club requests that those whose last names starting A thru M bring desserts, and N thru Z bring entrees, salads, etc. Sodas will be available. All should bring their PAF (Personal Air Force) with them for a fun day of hangar flying, real flying, and good food !!
July 5, 2001: Page Update
The results from the July Fun-Fly, and some pictures from the event have been posted on the site. Also added/fixed a few links under the links section. We are still having problems getting pictures submitted for Picture of the Month. The only pictures I have eligible are ones that we took for the web page.
May 14, 2001: Club Picnic Scheduled
This years Club Picnic will be held on August 12th, with a rain date of the 19th. Please come out and enjoy some great food, and bring your plane(s) for some great flying. More details will become available at a later date.
May 6, 2001: Fun-Fly Results
Today marked our first club fun-fly. It was a great success, and all had fun. Thanks to all those who participated both in the fun-fly and the field cleanup. Results for the fun-fly can be found on the new fun-fly results page. Russ Miller placed First, Steve Kelly took Second, and Kevin Schleicher got Third. Jim Dibb lost his landing gear on a rough landing after his planes maiden flight, before the fun-fly began. Jack Hall's engine fell off his plane after landing during the second event.
May 2, 2001: Field Cleanup & First Fun-Fly This Weekend!
The flying season is underway, and this Sunday marks our first Fun-Fly event. The Fun-Fly will begin at 10am, preceded by the yearly field cleanup at 9am. Please come out, help fix up the field and join in the fun-fly, we always have a good time.
March 25, 2001: Combat Contest in Sturbridge, MA on April 22.
The Sturbridge MA Lawn Darts will be opening their Gremlin contest season on Sunday April 22nd at 10am. The field will be open at 8:30am for test flights and pilot registrations. Jim Reith will be the CD and open and stock classes will be held, based on the turnout in each class. As usual, any weather cancellations will be put on the RA Cores answering machine at (508) 765-9998.

As part of this event we're inviting people to bring 1/12th scale and RCCA sport class combat planes to the event. There will be some demonstration flights during the day and if there's enough interest and turnout, we'll fly a round or two. This will be used to get people familiar with it in preparation for the North East Scale Combat National Championships in Salem CT to be held June 9th.
March 5, 2001: March Meeting Cancelled
Due to the inclement weather this months meeting is cancelled. The board has yet to determine when and where the board meeting will be held. Also, we plan on inviting Darin Bellis to the April meeting for another attempt at having the combat presentation.
February 6, 2001: March's Meeting Event & February's Board Meeting
Due to the inclement weather for this months meeting, the combat presentation scheduled for February will be our event for the March meeting. Also, for the those that may wish to attend -- Since the Board was also unable to meet this month due to the weather, the Board meeting this month will be held on February 12 at 7:00pm, at the Northboro Dunkin Donuts.
January 9, 2001: February's Meeting Event
Darrin Bellis will be joining us for our February club meeting. Darrin is the Conneticut area representative for the RCCA. Darrin will be discusing the various aspects of combat plane competition. He will be bringing along a couple 'scale' planes, and a couple kits.
December 22, 2000: January's Meeting Event
Steve Kelley has invited Ron Gagner to come to the January meeting and bring his under construction Tiger Moth and give a talk on rib stitching and scale building and competition in general. Ron is in this month's model aviation in the district 1 news and that's his bird dog in the district 3 report.
December 4, 2000: Looking For Interest in Holding a Mall Show
As discussed at the December 4th meething, we are currently looking to see if there is any interest in the club to hold a mall show. In order to accomplish something like this we need to have some volunteers to organize the event. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with this effort, please let the board know. Specifically, as of right now, we are looking for someone to look into obtaining general information on where we can do this and what is needed to acomplish this. This subject will be further discussed at the January meeting, where, if no interest is shown from the club members to run this event, the idea will be dropped.
December 1, 2000: Balsa Donations Wanted
Michael Giansiracusa, a member of CMRCM currently attending Cornell, is looking for wing and fuse sections to use in his experimentations with composites. If you have any crashed-beyond-repair or spare wing and/or fuse sections that you would like to donate to him, you can drop them off with Bob Janak at the Fish-and-Game Headquarters at our field. Mike will be picking up the parts during his Christmas vacation.
November 26, 2000: Field is now open.
Hunting season is over. The field is now open 7 days a week. Normal field rules are in affect.