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March, 2001

Local RCCA rep Darvin Bells will talk about Combat competition and display typical Combat models

Next Meeting Time: Meeting Program: President's Corner:
Hello everybody. Hope everybody's enjoying this beautiful winter weather we've been having. At least it gives everyone a chance to build new airplanes or at least think about it. This month, I thought I'd like to talk a little bit about auctions and swap shops. Auctions are divided into two basic categories: online and club auctions. Swap shops are usually at trade shows or comprise the under $15.00 tables at club auctions. With both types of auctions, you can save a bunch of money if you do it right, or really get the screws put to you if you're not careful. With online auctions, you're really taking a chance as you can't examine the merchandise. E-Bay kind of solves this by rating each seller. If a guy's really bad, you probably shouldn't buy from him. I've bought a bunch of out of production kits and sold a bunch of stuff online. It's fun and a good way to clean out your shop.
Club auctions like ours are a good place to get some real bargains, and there's no shipping charge. I always have a want list in the back of my head of things that I'd like to get and I'm surprised at how many things I've gotten for half price and less at auctions. The most important rule at club auctions is to really examine the stuff you're interested in and know exactly what you're bidding on. I've seen people tape a spinner on the front of a warbird to make it look better, then saw the winning bidder get his nose out of joint because he thought that there was an engine behind that spinner even though the written description and the auctioneer said nothing about the plane having an engine in it. The worst thing that you can do at a club auction is to be the winning bidder on an item and then decide that you don't want it and refuse to pay for it; happens all the time. Another slick trick is for the seller to misrepresent an item. On two separate occasions in the last two years, I've purchased kits that weren't complete as advertised. One was a Kadet MK 2 that didn't have the fuselage pieces. Another was an Eagle 2 that was missing the wing. I'd like to think that the guys who were selling these kits kind of forgot or misplaced the missing pieces, but I'd also like to think that OS is going to start selling 120 four strokes for fifty bucks (like I tell my wife Val). Swap shops are a lot of fun because you can get small stuff cheap. The WRAM show has a good one and last year I found a beautiful glass cowl for my Nosen Citabria for twelve bucks. Overall, auctions are a fun way to pass the winter by.
This month, we've got the combat presentation rescheduled. Hope to see you there.
by Steve Kelley

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting February 12, 2001
Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

Mike Doucette now has a copy of our Articles of Incorporation for the new bank. He will apply for the new account.

Peter Feil is still trying to determine if the Solomon Pond Mall is interested in us doing a show there.

Dennis Cherry volunteered to write up a club policy regarding canceling meetings due to inclement weather.

Rene Rusche's aerial photograph of Mark Hamilton's Cub was selected as the web site's picture of the month

Kevin Schleicher reported that Darvin Bells, the Radio Control Combat Association (RCCA) area representative, who will talk about R/C combat, has rescheduled for the March meeting. He will have an FW-190, a Corsair, and some kits with him as well.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Treasurer's Report for February, 2001
Balance as of 1/31/2001(see below) 1514.32
  2001 Membership Dues 130.00
  Printing: February newsletter 116.30
  2001 charter/insurance payment (AMA) 60.00
  Misc: articles of incorporation reimb, Account maintenance fee 21.00
Total withdrawals 197.30
Balance as of 2/28/2001 1447.02

  1. In February's newsletter, the balance given for 1/31/2001 was $1108.32.
  2. A dues deposit of $390.00 (over and above the $280.00 stated) was made after the newsletter had gone to print.
  3. The account maintenance fee was presumed to be $25.00, as we had been informed by Fleet Bank that our fee would be increasing after the new year. After the newsletter went to print, it was found through the January bank statement that our fee remains $9.00 for the time being.
  4. These two adjustments yield the balance stated above ($1514.32).

New bank account update:
I am waiting for one license photocopy to arrive for signature identification; all other paperwork has been completed. I will proceed to initiate a new account upon receipt. It is anticipated that we will need to keep our current account open for several more months, because we need to allow time for new checks to be printed, and to allow time for all outstanding current checks to clear.

President Steve Kelley, in his continuing Plane-of-the-Month series, brought in an older 4-channel Lanier Shrike. This kit featured lots of pre-fabrica-tion and built-up quickly. Power comes from an OS 46. Lightweight landing gear is mounted between two formers inside the fuselage. The kit's hardware package came with a fuel tank and spinner.

Don Porter brought in his new Balsa USA Phaeton II. Weight is 6 lbs and forward motivation is provided by an ASP 61. He substituted a cut-down Clorox bleach bottle for the cowl that came with the kit. He also replaced the kit's wing struts with BBQ sticks and added " to the ailerons' chord. The stabilizer slot in the fuselage was not lined-up properly; he used sandpaper glued to food rulers to effect repairs. The wingtips were made of hard balsa, making them tough to shape. Covering is Towerkote.

The Salem Barnstormers are holding their annual Auction on March 25. Registration 12 Noon to 1:00 PM. Auction from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.

Held at the Methuen KofC (Gaythorne Hall) on Route 28 in Methuen, MA (behind Dunkin Donuts). $10 minimum bid. 10% commission up to $50.

A Futaba 6XAs radio and a JR 652 radio will be raffled. Concessions will be available.