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May, 2002

SUNDAY, MAY 5: Field clean-up 9:00, First Fun Fly 10:30
MONDAY, MAY 6: Annual Static Show follows membership meeting

Next Meeting Time:
Presidents Corner
Hello everybody. Looks like the flying season is in full swing. Our first fun fly is on May 5th, right after the cleanup, and I'm hoping for a good turnout. These events are a lot of fun and as usual, I'll give my usual "even if you don't want to compete, come on out to watch anyway" line. We have more than a few people who come to these events, sit in a lawn chair, and just watch the great flying (Mitch Buckley winning the limbo event flying a Kadet Senior in gale force winds) and also to watch some of us have less than perfect and sometimes unintentional "landings". Our last meeting before summer is Static Contest night, and for the first time in a long time, I'm probably not going to bring anything, so I hope that some of you will bring those beautiful airplanes that you built this winter and show them off.

Hope to see you there
by Steve Kelley

The club and the BOD send a big thank-you to A-10 and commercial pilot John Glennon for an entertaining talk about his experiences flying the A-10 Thunderbolt. The video and flight suit added much authenticity. - Mike Doucette

Balance as of 3/31/2002 2263.64
  2002 membership dues 110.00
  Total 110.00
  2002 Scalemasters seed 600.00
  April 2002 newsletter printing 101.52
  Account service charge 3.00
  MISC: Postage 6.80
Total withdrawals 1662.32
Balance as of 4/30/2002 1662.32

Minutes of Meeting April 1, 2002
Meeting convened at 7:30 PM.

The Secretary's Report and Treasurer's Report for March were accepted as published in the April newsletter.

Field Director's Report:The field is in good shape, although there is some damage from crows digging for grubs. The annual field cleanup will be at 9:00 AM on Sunday, May 5th, with a Fun fly following at 10:30 AM. Coffee and donuts will be provided to those participating in the cleanup

Old business:Jake Thompson volunteered to cook for the annual club picnic, which is planned for Saturday, August 17, 2002, with a rain date of Sunday, August 18, 2002.

New business:
Jim Sbrogna requested $600 in seed money for the Scale Master Qualifier to be held in Gardner, MA. The membership voted to grant the request.

Some members expressed an interest in holding a scale fly-in this year at the club field; however, no one has stepped up to be the Contest Director. If you are interested, please contact a member of the Board of Directors. Jim Sbrogna volunteered to help a CD learn the the ropes. The CD of an AMA sanctioned event earns a free AMA membership for the next year!

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting April 1, 2002
Meeting convened at 9:20 PM.

The condition of the field was discussed. There does not seem to be any need to fertilize it this year, however it does need to be rolled. Dennis Cherry volunteered to get the roller and roll it. Mike Doucette volunteered to help with the rolling.

Peter Feil reported that members from last year who have not renewed have been dropped from the mailing list.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.

2002 CMRCM 72Mhz Band Channel Usage

Channel Usage   Channel Usage   Channel Usage
12 5   28 5   44 7
13 1   29 2   45 0
14 2   30 1   46 4
15 2   31 1   47 3
16 4   32 5   48 3
17 4   33 2   49 1
18 3   34 6   50 2
19 0   35 1   51 3
20 3   36 1   52 5
21 2   37 2   53 4
22 4   38 7   54 5
23 3   39 2   55 3
24 5   40 5   56 8
25 2   41 1   57 2
26 7   42 7   58 5
27 2   43 4   59 2