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October, 2001

Next Meeting Time: Treasurer's Report for September, 2001
Balance as of 8/31/2001 1256.62
  2001 membership dues 195.00
  Food/supply buyback (Mike D.) 10.00
  Total 205.00
  Printing: 9/2001 newsletter 106.22
  Cardholders 63.89
  2001 picnic food/supplies 26.41
  Account service charge 3.00
Total withdrawals 199.52
Balance as of 9/30/2001 1262.10

Upcoming Events
September 30:
Gremlin combat contest at CMRCM club field

October 1:
Nominations for club officer elections

October 7:
Club fun fly; last of the year

October 13 to November 24:
Hunting season; flying on Sundays only.

October 14:
Gremlin combat contest at Rocky Hill club field

November 5:
Annual membership meeting and election of 2002 club officers. Changes to the dues structure and field rules will also be voted on.

November 18:
CMRCM annual auction; held at the VFW in Oxford, MA

Minutes of Meeting September 10, 2001
Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM.

The Secretary's report for the May meeting was accepted as published in the September newsletter.

The Treasurer's report for the May through August was accepted as published in the September newsletter.

Field Director's Report: Steve Kelley reported that our field director, Dennis Cherry, had been hospitalized for a long time with a very serious viral infection, but is now at home recovering.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Harvey Thomasian reported that there have been problems with an individual at the flying site. This person has been entering the area as early as 7:30 AM, driving his SUV in excess or 40 mph, and flying at that early hour. Fish and Game are obviously concerned about the situation. The Board of Directors will discuss the problem. He also recommended that some club rule changes be made with regard to flying and noise that Fish and Game have suggested would make the club more welcome at the flying site. The Board of Directors will discuss these changes.
The deficit budget that the club has been running was also discussed. The primary reasons for the deficit are a slight decrease in membership the last few years, the shift of the auction from February to November (moving expenses to the preceding year, while receipts are not credited till the next year), and the dues decrease four years ago. Proposals to eliminate the deficit included: a $5 dues increase, a $10 dues increase, a $5 discount for members accessing the newsletter electronically and not requiring a printed and mailed newsletter (the printed newsletter costs the club about $10 per member per year), and allowing members who do not require a printed and mailed newsletter to request that none be sent with no discount (saving the club more money, but removing the incentive). Per club bylaws, any dues changes must be enacted by a vote of the members present at the November meeting, which is also when the election of the Board of Directors takes place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting September 10, 2001
Meeting called to order at 8:45 PM.

The board accepted the recommendation to add the following to the club field rules:
  1. No flying above 500 feet.
  2. No flying within 500 feet of the Fish and Game Headquarters building.
  3. Engine noise levels will be checked periodically or when the noise levels of engines seem excessive. (Note: The noise from small high-rpm engines can be much more offensive than that from large engines.)
The secretary was directed to write a letter to the individual, who is a past member but not a current member of the club, who has been causing the problems at the Wildlife Management Area described at the members meeting, to cease and desist or he may be subject to arrest. He also has been asked to return his key to the flying site.
The lock will be changed at the end of this year, and members will need to exchange their key at the time of their membership renewal for 2002.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Building Tip
by Ray Orr
If you have a wing or tail surface that has overlapping sheets which form the training edge, put a strip of 1/64-inch ply between the sheeting to provide a harder edge for sanding or finishing.

from Radio Flyer
Pikes Peak Radio Control Club
Bill Sanderman, editor
Colorado Springs CO

CMRCM Club Auction Information can now be found Here.